Want to know what makes YOU tick?

Tune Into The True You is a 31 day guided program to help you discover more about who you really are (and just how awesome you are too!)


Tune Into The True You

Ever wondered what really makes you happy? Maybe you sometimes need a little motivation to get you through the day?

For more than 10 years my physical and mental health were in decline... 

And I was in denial, blaming things that had happened in my life and other people. I knew my health was getting worse, but surely it wasn't my fault?

It took me a long time to realise that my attitude to life was the real problem and even longer to accept it.

It is only with hindsight that I was able to understand the trap I was in.

Having turned my life around I am grateful that I've been able to share my experience to help others.


My Personal Transformation

These are my personal before and after photos. They show the physical changes of how I went from obese, sick, depressed couch potato to ultra endurance athlete... But the changes I'm most grateful for are on the inside ;-)

Ready to get started?

Tune Into The True You features 31 daily videos and a downloadable workbook to help you discover your true self.


What Natural Juice Junkie Clients Say…

At my Natural Juice Junkie retreats I deliver daily 'mental juice' group coaching & training sessions, including exercises similar to those in Tune Into The True You. Watch the video to see what clients have to say about these sessions.